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Information about our Descriptions, Sizes, Out-of-US ordering, Return policy, Hours of operation...


In the GENERAL MINERAL LIST and the UNCOMMON MINERAL LIST, “TL” in the description of items are from the original “Type Locality”.  Also, items from the Crestmore Quarry, in Riverside, California, are noted.

The SPECIES IN STOCK LIST has all of the species I have, with a base price/size listed. I may have more available of that mineral, and you can ask for a quote. First, check the General Mineral List and the Uncommon Mineral List, as many of the species have descriptions and sizes listed there. When requesting more information, let me know any important criteria (if you only want crystals, certain sizes, localities, etc.)  The items listed with “ask” indicate that I have the material in stock, but not enough of any one size/price to include in the list. So, ask!


DESCRIPTIONS/SIZING       The sizes are coded to letters:

SIZE A = 2.5 cm or 1-inch

SIZE B = 2.5x2.5 cm or 1x1-inch

SIZE C = 2.5x5 cm and 4x4 cm or about 1x2-inch /1.5x1.5-inch

SIZE D = 5x5 cm or 2x2-inch

SIZE E = 5.7x5 cm or 2x3-inch

SIZE F = 7.5x10 cm or 3x4-inch

SIZE G appears on the web shopping only = about 10x15cm or 4x6-inch

LOT/10 = Ten size A and B, or as noted in description

In these lists I describe only salient features, to allow me to list as many items as possible. Feel free to ask for more data on localities, etc. Sizes vary, but I try to make them as close to the listed sizes as possible.  Please ask for prices and availability for research grade material.

LABELS Each specimen is wrapped with its own label noting any major associated minerals, the chemical formula, and as much locality data as I have available.  For orders of ten or more of one item, one label is sent for all ten.

SHIPPING/RETURNS Shipping charges are extra for items ordered from the mineral lists. All orders are insured unless you tell us on your order that you waive the insurance, and you accept any loss or damage to uninsured parcels.   All items may be returned within TEN DAYS of receipt for credit, exchange or refund (your choice). Shipping charges are NOT refundable. Carefully pack items to be returned along with the label. Please insure the return parcel. If you receive damaged specimens DO NOT RETURN THEM UNTIL you talk to us.

Out of US orders are shipped by Priority (Air) Mail, unless you request a quote for another shipping method. All orders are insured, unless you waive our responsibility. We charge actual cost plus $7.00 handling. You will receive an email giving the actual shipping costs before the package is shipped.


ABBREVIATIONS USED                 XL or xl = crystal or crystal section  

(F) = fluorescent or fluorescence             M/M = micromount potential                fiv = fines in vial           

(R) = radioactive           Co. = County      RSA = Republic of South Africa             xline = crystalline            form. = formerly            w/ = with         Ps. = pseudomorphous (after)              

T/N = thumbnail or thumbnail size       assoc. = associates      UV = ultra violet            “ = inch     

PH = phosphorescent      LOT/10 = lot of ten specimens                 fic = fines in capsule                        

var. or v. = variety         mm = millimeter             & = and       SW = short wave ultra violet         

xlized = crystallized            incl. = inclusions            cm = centimeter             TL=type locality      

LW = long wave ultra violet     grp(s) = group(s)                  Aust. = Australia



TERMINOLOGY:  A note about terms used in our lists.

Xl or xl (crystal) = part or all of the terminal end is present. The termination may be good, or distorted, or etched, but is there. 

Xl prism or prism = half or more of the sides of the crystal are present, without a terminal end. 

Xl section = not enough of the form is present to call it a crystal or a prism, but some form is generally visible (but not always.)

Chunk = no xl form, just a broken piece (also see “mass”). 

Mass or massive = no xl form, not even under magnification.

Xline or xline mass= may show xline form, but not distinct xls or prisms. 

Xlized, Xline = shows crystallization, but not necessarily distinct or complete xls.


We use standard two-letter state abbreviations for all states (AK = Alaska etc.) and some Country abbreviations (CZ = Czech Republic). If you have any questions, please ask. The mineral label will have the full information, as we know it.


HOURS AND DAYS OF OPERATION ARE: (These are guidelines, not rules, so call or email ahead when you plan to visit)

THURSDAY through SUNDAY 9am to 6pm.

Closed Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday I may be available for appointments if you call/email at least one week in advance.


FOR LETTERS & US MAIL use our PO Box:             FOR UPS/FEDEX (Freight) use our street:

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P.O. BOX 877                                                          127 N. DOWNS ST

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PHONE (760) 375-5279      EMAIL wendi@mineralsunlimited.com